The GrindCare solution

  • Reduces grinding and clenching without disturbing sleep
  • Provides relief from associated symptoms of bruxism
  • Monitors grinding and allows you to track progress

Because better days start with good nights.


About GrindCare

The GrindCare solution* helps you break the unhealthy habit of bruxism.

  • Works while you sleep, without you noticing a thing.
  • Monitors and detects your sleep bruxism activity.
  • Reduces your grinding and clenching by activating a natural reflex.
  • Makes it easy to track progress and identify your primary bruxism triggers.



In this way, the GrindCare solution manages the problem of bruxism at its root – not just by addressing the symptoms. Most users start experiencing relief after just a few weeks and find that the GrindCare device helps them break the grinding habit over time to enjoy a much improved quality of life.



*GrindCare is a medical device. Read the Instruction Manual. The use of the GrindCare app is optional and for information purposes only.

Relax your jaw-muscles as you get a comfortable night’s sleep

Grindcare is a smart and compact wireless device that has been designed to stay comfortably attached to your temple all night long. So you can wear it unnoticed as you sleep while it works to break your grinding habit and alleviate the associated secondary symptoms.

Track your progress and regain control of your life

During the day, you can check your grinding activity with the GrindCare app to review the night’s activity and visualize improvements over time. A diary function also helps you identify your primary triggers. And ultimately, you can regain control of your life.

How It Works


1. Monitors grinding activity in your muscles

The GrindCare device monitors the activity in the jaw (temporalis) muscle during the night via a compact wireless sensor that adheres comfortably to your temple without disturbing your sleep thanks to its unique gel pads.

2. Sends mild impulses to relax your jaw muscles

Each time you grind or clench your teeth, the GrindCare device transmits a mild contingent impulse that you will not notice. This impulse stimulates a natural (conditioned) reflex in the jaw muscles, relaxing them in order to reduce your grinding without disturbing your sleep.

3. Allows you to track and visualize progress

In the morning, the data collected by the sensor is automatically transferred to the GrindCare docking station and can be wirelessly transmitted to the GrindCare app*. With the app you can monitor your nightly grinding activity. In combination with the diary function, this will help you identify your personal bruxism triggers.

4. Regain control of your life!

Over time, the mild contingent impulses mitigate the unhealthy habit of grinding or clenching. In this way, the vicious circle of sleep bruxism can be broken as your grinding is reduced along with its associated secondary symptoms and disturbed sleep.



*The use of the GrindCare app is optional and for information purposes only.

Clinical studies have shown that grinding and clenching are generally reduced by more than 50% after only three weeks of using the GrindCare device, contributing to significant improvements in pain-related secondary symptoms.

See our clinical studies

Main Benefits

The GrindCare solution goes beyond protection and helps you break the unhealthy habit of bruxism.



A long-term solution to your sleep bruxism problem


  • Addresses the problem of bruxism at the root, not just its symptoms
  • Is easy and comfortable to use
  • Does not disturb your sleep
  • Helps protect your teeth from further damage by reducing grinding
  • Can provide relief from the painful secondary symptoms of bruxism
  • Allows you to track progress with the GrindCare app
  • Helps you to identify your personal bruxism triggers

83% of GrindCare users said it had a positive effect and 91% of these have reported a reduction in pain, including headaches and orofacial tension or pain. Many users experienced other benefits, including better sleep and a reduction in medication.

*Survey of 102 GrindCare users, 2011

A good night's sleep


  • Works while you sleep without you noticing a thing
  • Modern and compact ergonomic design
  • Wireless sensor stays comfortably attached to your temple
  • Adjustable impulse with no audio signal doesn’t disturb your sleep



Supported by science


  • Based on innovative and patented technology
  • New generation Contingent Electrical Stimulation
  • Recommended by leading specialists
  • Supported by positive user experiences



The GrindCare solution is proven to


  • Reduce grinding and clenching by more than 50% within 3 weeks
  • Help improve quality of life by reducing bruxism
  • Not disturb the quality of your sleep


GrindCare will help you break the vicious circle of sleep bruxism

so that you can experience how better days start with good nights!