"I feel rested and on top again"


After a lifetime of teeth grinding, which disturbed both his and his wife’s sleep, Anders has been sleeping with GrindCare for a couple of months. Now he sleeps like a child, exercises with pleasure and no longer burdens their relationship with insomnia and tiredness.

Disrupting sleep and married life

“In reality, I have been grinding my teeth all my life,” Anders tells us. Anders’ wife in particular has had to suffer the effects of his teeth grinding throughout the 20 years of their marriage. “My teeth grinding occurs at regular intervals and it often used to wake my wife up in the middle of the night and completely ruin her sleep. I didn’t use to wake up myself, but in the morning I could feel that I hadn’t had the sleep I needed.

Teeth grinding since childhood

As far back as he can remember teeth grinding and poor sleep have been a regular part of Anders’ life. “I have been grinding my teeth since childhood. In my teens and twenties I was often tense in my neck and shoulders but was unaware of the true nature of the problem – but back then it was easier to sleep longer and make up for what I had lost. I always had a pain somewhere in my head, neck and shoulders, but I didn’t associate this with teeth grinding.”

Chewed splints to pieces

Anders has also chewed his way through many splints. ”My bite used to be crooked and I had an underhung jaw since childhood. I didn’t bite straight, and because of this my teeth caught on each other. This caused pain in my head, jaw and neck. I was given splints when I was young, but it didn’t work. They were extremely uncomfortable to wear so I stopped using them after having chewed up three of them.”

Desperation from lack of sleep

After one particular night when Anders and his wife once again had their sleep shattered by Anders’ teeth grinding, they both had enough. “In the end we were getting a bit desperate for not being able to do anything. You can’t cure it just by thinking tonight I’m not going to grind my teeth – that’s not how it works. One morning out of both impatience and desperation I sat down and Googled teeth grinding, and the name of GrindCare came up”, Anders says.

Blind over his eyes

During the test phase with GrindCare Anders nightly clenching frequency proved to be extremely high – 200-250 clenches was not at all unusual, and an intensity which quite clearly destroyed his sleep rhythm. “For many years I was never truly rested – it was as if somebody had pulled a blind down over my eyes.” Now Anders sleeps with GrindCare every night. “I noticed the effects from the very first day. I was sleeping better as the number of clenches decreased right down to just 20-40. I tend to clench my teeth more frequently after a particularly busy and stressful working day.”

Exercise by day, GrindCare by night

After a long workday, Anders looks forward to the bike ride home. “It’s really nice after sitting and talking on the phone all day to cycle the 35 kilometres home. My muscles relax better and my sleep is better after I have been exercising.” Cycling is an important part of Anders’ life. “I am always entering bike races – I have just turned 50 and moved up to the H50 class. Since GrindCare became part of my life, I feel better rested for bike racing. All in all, my quality of life has improved now that I am thoroughly rested.”