"Now I feel great every day"


The days when Anja came home from work with a headache are finally a thing of the past. After just two months’ treatment with GrindCare, she now has the energy to go to the gym and is able to concentrate better at work as she is no longer as tired. “Today, I have a better quality of life and tons more energy.”

The school dentist discovered damage

Anja was around 13 to 14-years old when her teeth-grinding started. Some years later, when she was in 10th grade, she was given her first occlusal splint. “The school dentist could see that my teeth had been severely damaged by my teeth-grinding. It was so loud that my parents could hear me grinding my teeth right from the other end of the house,” says Anja.

Took painkillers before work

The occlusal splint put a stop to the damage, but it also had some undesirable side effects. “I used to wake up with such a bad headache and neck pain that the splint became a nuisance. I have had a hard splint for 10 years now, and have ground my way through a couple of them. For a long time, I had to take painkillers before going to work. Depending on how tough a day I had at work, I could feel the effect the day after in the form of tension headaches that extended down my neck. It was not a good way to start the day.”

No more jaw ache

Anja’s dentist could not help her in her quest to find something to remedy her teeth-grinding. “I was just about to give acupuncture a try when I discovered GrindCare on the Internet. Since discovering that GrindCare helped, I haven’t needed any other treatment. The first month, I used GrindCare every night, but now I can have a break of 3-4 days in between, and I feel great every day. Some mornings, I do have a little jaw ache, but then I just make sure I use the device the following night. The typical pattern for me is one night with, and three nights without GrindCare”.

Yawned her jaws out of joint

“My boyfriend is a good indicator that GrindCare works – he can confirm that it works, as I stop grinding my teeth right away when I use it at night. What is great now is that I am more relaxed. I have often been accused of excessive yawning during the day. And that has stopped completely now. Now I can stay awake until late in the evening without falling asleep on the sofa at 9 o’clock. Now I have the energy to go to the gym in the evening.”

More energy and improved quality of life

The number of bites does not interest Anja all that much. “I have to admit that I don’t check how many bites there have been during the night. The most important thing for me is how I feel. I have noticed a marked difference in the mornings when I have slept with and without GrindCare. There is a world of difference – I feel more rested and don’t have jaw ache. So it is all good. It is an immense joy, especially as I have been grinding my teeth for so many years. Today, I have a better quality of life and tons more energy,” Anja smiles.